Neurontin (Gabapentin)

I went to see my doctor, I told her about my symptoms - she said that it is expected for me to cycle to an extent, my mood shifts are not so high and the lows do not last long (rapid cycling) - I told her that I was experiencing primarily a lot of anxiety and panic. She prescibed me Neurontin - a mild mood stabilizing - anti anxiety type med.
I hope this does the trick. It is supposed to be good for Insomnia and this is what I have as well :sleeping:


Good news. Let us know how it works for you.

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Thanks @SzAdmin I will post how I am doing :smiley:

Ahh Neurontrin, one of the most notable drug scams. Phizer has been marketing this drug for tons of uses for which it is neither approved nor effective. Phizer has also been found guilty of covering up negative information regarding the drug.

Pfizer Inc has agreed to pay $325 million to resolve claims it defrauded insurers and other healthcare benefit providers by marketing Neurontin for unapproved uses, its second settlement over the epilepsy drug in six weeks.

On April 21, Pfizer agreed to pay $190 million to settle separate litigation in a federal court in New Jersey in which Neurontin purchasers accused it of taking steps to keep cheaper generic versions of the drug off the market.

In May 2004, Pfizer agreed to pay $430 million and to plead guilty to criminal charges for illegally marketing Neurontin for unapproved uses such as migraine headaches and pain.

As far as I recall, it is only approved for seizures and the pain associated with shingles, nothing more.


My son has been on this. It actually helps a lot with his anxiety. The trouble is that he tries to abuse it and when he takes to much it makes him hyper. I have read some very good things about it on several boards. He was put on it as they were afraid of seizure when weaning him off Valium but it stuck because of how much it helped him with his anxiety symptoms. I don’t give it to him regularly right now however if he is experiencing withdrawal anxiety then it helps him get through it. He likes the affect and if taken right it keeps him calm.

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Neurontin is used off label for those people who were not treated effectively with the fda approved mood stabilizers, it is also a proven and effective med for anxiety/panic disorders. It is primarily a med used for certain nerve pain, but it has many effective off label uses - I’ll give it a shot :smile:


This is from an article - Medscape, I am already on an FDA approved mood stabilizer (Lamictal) - Gabapentin is an add on, primarily for my anxiety/panic and for added some mood stabilzation - augmenting Lamictal’s stronger mood stabilizing properties

Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder: Treatment of Anxiety in Bipolar Disorder

Gabapentin also has strong antianxiety effects, and has been proven effective in the treatment of panic disorder and social phobia.[13] However, it does not have strong mood-stabilizing effects, and should mainly be used as an add-on treatment to other mood stabilizers. Yet it is important to note that, unlike antidepressants, gabapentin will not worsen the course of bipolar disorder (even if it does not improve it much), and thus it is a safer treatment for anxiety symptoms in bipolar disorder when combined with more proven mood stabilizers.

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I was originally prescribed gabapentin for sciatica but I quickly found it helped a lot for anxiety. In fact it worked where benzodiazepines had failed.

I told my pdoc about this response and he agreed to give me it long term for the treatment of anxiety. Particularly social anxiety. I became a lot more talkative.

Gabapentin has given me a sense of relief. I don’t ever want to stop it.


Fingers crossed that Gabapentin works for you!:slight_smile:

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I was put on some gabapentin drug at my own request. I don’t think it was Neurontin. I was also put on Latuda. I am one of those rare individuals who these drugs had a detrimental effect on. I was angry all the time. I don’t know why I got this effect. I’m just unique. I talked to one guy on the internet who had a tough time with Geodon, and Haldol was okay for him. Go figure. The mind is a funny thing.

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Good luck with this Wave.
My son was on this for a short period of time, he felt good-but abused it and was taken off of it.

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I know that it isn’t approved for psychiatric use but I’ve never read that it’s inneffective. I take it and it does help with anxiety

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I suggest

After I started taking Neurontin prescribed for nerve irritation following a hernia surgery I found that it made me feel more relaxed and social. I’m thinking of coming off it since the surgery is now completely healed, but if anxiety returns I will ignore the FDA and go back on it!


My brother who has worked for many major pharmaceutical companies, told me a few times (he should know) that pharmaceutical companies - most all of the major players, get sued for all kinds of unethical dirty practices.
Lawyes love to sue deep pocket corporations - it is just the name of the game. I think Parke Davis the makers of Gabapentin marketed the drug for bipolar mania and depression, and there is no real scientific evidence of it being highly effective for bipolar mania and depression - this kind of ■■■■ happens more often than not - it isnt the first time a pharmaceutical company has engaged in this kind of unethical behavior and it wont be the last -
Medications do not necessarily have to be FDA approved for it to be effective - Off label indications for meds can be just as effective many times - many times these drug trials are drenched in controversy themselves -
Gabapentin has been proven to be effective for anxiety, and this is the major reason why my doctor prescribed it to me


I started talking more - kind of didn’t say much in the past. My brother told me I had almost become garrulous. Not sure about the meaning of that word.


My son used to call it his Gaba because it made him gab/talk :wink:

Somewhere along the way he switched to calling it Neurontin… probably just to confuse me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I just got put on this too. I have not been taking yet because I’m nervous about side effects. But I called up the new nurse and she said at such a low dose I shouldn’t be worried and to start taking it every day. I am prescribed 100mgs in the morning and evening.

I took it a couple times and was able to rest really well. I should just start taking it every day like I was supposed to. I read somewhere that it stopped new synapses from forming which freakedme into not taking it.


Gabapentin was initially synthesized to mimic the chemical structure of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), but is not believed to act on the same brain receptors.

Some of its activity may involve interaction with voltage-gated calcium channels. Gabapentin binds to the α2δ subunit (1 and 2) and has been found to reduce calcium currents after chronic but not acute application via an effect on trafficking of voltage-dependent calcium channels in the central nervous system. Another possible mechanism of action, reported by Ben Barres and colleagues in Cell in 2009, is that gabapentin halts the formation of new synapses.

Standford Article on Gabapentin

Yeah I havent taken it either - because I am a :chicken: - but its good to know you like Gabapentin - I think I will start taking it tomorrow Thanks @StarryNight :smiley:

I know many people who use it for anxiety and its very helpful for them with no side effects.

Its not a scam.