Anyone have experience with Neurontin,/Gabapentin

It was prescribed to me today for anxiety to take with Buspar. It makes me feel loopy and pinned down. It relaxes my muscles way too much and pins me in my chair. I’m thinking of calling the Dr. on Monday to get something else. Anyone else have experience with Neurontin? Does this go away? Does your body adapt to it?

I think my mother was taking Neurontin. It didn’t seem to help her much.

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Was she on it for anxiety?

I think she was on it for depression.

Yeah, I love it personally. I take it for anxiety and a head injury. I think it has protective and restorative properties for the brain. That was just one thing I read. If I take 3600mg I feel euphoria, and energy. My tolerance to it builds up in about three days. If I take 1200 I can concentrate better. That is my experience with it. Everybody is different though.

I take 300 mg as needed for anxiety. It relaxes me. Works really well. Good stuff.

I take 100mg 2x day. Super low amount, but it take the “edge” off of my life.
I might need more, I’ve been having issues.
But it’s a tolerable drug, with an outrageously high max dose of 3600mg a day. I’ve had zero side effects. It’s versatile too.

How well are you functioning on that dose? I am finding myself taking naps everyime I take it. I’m hoping I will begin to function on it.

I used to take it for headaches. The side effects went away after a few weeks.

What side effects were you experiencing?

I don’t really remember. It was years ago. But I remember I stopped taking it initially and my neurologist convinced me to try again.

I took it for nerve pain for years, and then I tried it for tremors. I still have a bottle of the darned stuff in my pillbox because I keep forgetting to take it off to the drop box at the local police station. I don’t remember any side effects from it, but when I was taking it, I was heavily medicated. I don’t remember much from that period in my life.

I take it for severe neurological damage. It helps my mood.

I took it before. Don’t remember much. Doctor suggested it again. That or topamax. Problem is I really need to lose weight. So I’m probably going with stupamax.

I took it for a while it works good as a sleep aide, but it gets me suicidal after about 4 weeks into it .

Yosemite my Great Dane is on it. He has arthritis and his hips are going bad.