Nervous about tomorrow

Finally I’ve been blessed with a real breakthrough in my job search - tomorrow I should get a call to arrange an interview with a family for a caretaker position. But I’m so nervous. I need sleep desperately but my nerves are overpowering my sleepiness. I’m thinking of all the ways the interview could go wrong. If the interview goes wrong, my self-esteem will take a massive hit because I lack a stable self-image. But I can’t give up; I’ve come this far, and any failures that might arise I should just treat as learning opportunities. I’m going to get a glass of milk and try to calm down, lol.


Be yourself and try not to overthink things. Interviews are usually just seeing if you can respond to their questions and if your friendly enough. I’m sure you’ll do well.

Try to get some sleep and wish you well. Sounds like a good thing for you so I always found with a busy mind that listening to some music can help sleep. That or a fan jammed on max.


Thanks! Gonna put on some calming music and try my best to get at least a little sleep. I’ll let you all know how things go!


Hope you well for the position!!

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Good luck with the interview!

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GL with this interview.

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Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Try to remember you’re interviewing them too. They may or may not be a good fit for you so ask questions of them as well. Try squared breathing to help calm your mind

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Thanks everyone!

After not getting a call about the interview all morning, I was asked by my mom to accompany her to town to help with errands, and the call finally came through around 3 pm while we were out buuuut, predictably, I didn’t catch it in time. Called back and had to leave a message. Fingers crossed that tomorrow sets things straight. I really need a job, lol.

I know you didnt ask, but if youre interested in my unsolicited advice, my biggest key to a good interview is to interview them after they interview you. Have a list of questions ready and after they are done asking you questions, or going with a natural conversational flow if its that type of interview, ask questions about the job. The only time I didnt get a job after an interview was after my first interview ever as a teenager, but after that I realized that asking about the job shows interest and drive. A lot of people focus on answering everything right, but asking questions and interviewing them can be a good save from an awkward interview. Obviously I dont take up an hour of their time, but I find about 5 questions pertaining to the job is enough.

Its my favorite way to ease the tension of a stressful interview. I hope it goes well!

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