Nervous about Christmas

I’m not looking forward to the family Christmas get together. It will drain all of my energy trying to be sociable at the Christmas eve party and plus the 3 hours of driving that I’ll have to do.

News years eve though, I’m looking forward to. I hope my friends on skype are celebrating new years (on skype)! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the same boat. Except I don’t have Skype friends!

me too…wait…i don’t have ’ any ’ friends !?!
…cancell… that !!! :imp:
take care :alien:

I just want to spend Xmas with my wife and daughter. NOT with her family. Ruins it for me every year. Wishing I was on call so I had an excuse to stay home. I hate Xmas because of this.


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Im not looking forward to the big Christmas Eve Family gathering.

I already told my brother to prepare a room for me upstairs away from the crowd.

Im just way too depressed to be sociable - Aint gonna happen.

Felt incredibly sad and tearful earlier on. Think it’s the Christmas effect.

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