Negativity at it worst

So it’s not the first time I heard someone tell me I’m very negative or have a negative view. Is this a symptom of schizophrenia because I dont mean to be so pessimistic it’s just I dont trust people because I’m paranoid. Has anyone dealt with being very negative and has changed for the better. If so what did you do and can it be done.

I’ve been called a negative person before. It hurts but I can’t stop others opinions of me.

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I believe if you keep trying you can overcome negativity. It can take a while, at least it did in my case, but you have to be patient. In the meanwhile, you may need some source of support, if you can find it. I have had lots of support. I would also add that I think it is healthy to express yourself even if you are not feeling good.
I have had support here, too.

my confusion and isolation has made me pretty negative. My mom called me negative once before. I’m still working on it.

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It’s bad other peoples positivity is draining and that’s bad. It’s like I cant keep up with the positivity. My brain is drained.

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