Life is hard. But

Does anything come easy to you? Like a special talent or skill? I’m great at cleaning restrooms and mopping floors, lol.
I’ve been told I’m a good writer.

I seem to be good at cleaning motel rooms.

At I actually enjoy it.

I was thinking about writing a book about my life with sz. but I don’t have the literary skills.

Write it anyway. The process will almost certainly be therapeutic regardless of whoever reads it.


I’m good at fixing things but mostly with basic electrical and mechanical things.

I was going to write it in the third person like that King movie “Stand by me” .

As long as I’m free from drugs I feel there’s nothing I can’t do. I think I’m real smart and improve everyday. I don’t mean to sound conceited or narcissistic but I think I’m real smart. And it’s starting to show in school a little. I just had my final and I think I got every answer…2 wrong at the most. Including the bonus question right. I’m gonna patiently ride this wave of success until I accomplish everything I could ever dream of.

Thats great that you confident of your efforts.

NO! It’s good to believe in yourself.

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Writing does come easy for me, but then the negative critical voices kick in and I doubt myself. It’s not myself criticizing my work, I can usually shut that little voice up by re-writing the thing that’s bothering me…but the other voices I can’t control get me down and fill me with self-doubt. I have a little trick to determine if the voice is mine…I usually start singing or humming a song and I get the voice I’m in control of in my head focused on that (my own personal voice, my muse or whatever you want to call it…), and if I still hear negative voices I know they’re not my own thinking.

The problem now is learning to how get rid of the voice I can’t control…will they ever go away.?

Thanks nick you’re the best.

I never had any realistic goals in my life ever. Now I have them and it seems everyone is rooting for me. Life is good. I still have my ups and downs. Today was tough. But hey like you said, that’s life.

I love going to my volunteer job eachy day because everyone smiles at me, like “We can tell you’ve been through some stuff, but you’re doing everything right now” kind of look on their face. Feels really good.

I came in their a mess and I’ve improved so much in my 5 months there that they can appreciate everything I’m doing. I can’t even put it into words how much happiness my volunteer job gives me in so many ways.

Now I’m gonna sit back and watch the Rangers (hopefully) beat the capitols!

A nice positive post. Good for you.

Just write. Narrative therapy is great stuff… if done with a little guidance. See and

Thanks! I’ll check it out.