)!)@)!) - - - Negative Thots - - - (!(@(!(

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Hello Forumers … ,

How ya Doin (???) ,

Me (???) ,

It’s Been a Nyse Quiet Evening … ,

Hope Yours Will (OR) Was and (OR) is Also … ,

Ok Todays’ Quick Glance Hopefully , New Quick Romance Will be thus Thread (OR) You Using My Upcoming Example as a Way to Quietly and Privately Use to Lift Your Social Experiences and (OR) Quiet Nyse Evening Experiences … ,

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So My Therapist Gave Me a Worksheet , and e(Y)e Would L(Y)Ke to Share a Quick Thot on One Coping Skill , That Perhaps You Will Own , Gracefully and Full of Promise … ,


Thought Challenge - " write down negative thoughts then list all the reasons they may not be true. Imagine someone you love had these thoughts , what advice would you give them? "

First Example ,

1.) People Can Be Mean , , , Naught Everyone is tha Sayme … , *Perhaps Get Out More , and Safely , Get Around More Peoples , Maybe You Will See , that Naught all Peoples Are Mean .


Ok that Was Worksheet to Myne Awesome Example (!!!) , If e(Y)e Do Saye so Myself it Was Pretty Awesome … , Fo Reel … , Tis tha Best … ,

Ok Ok Jus Playin , , ,

N e Hoo ,

Feel Free to Throw Your Own Negative thots and Your Personal Awesome Solutions … ,

Perhaps Help Out a Lurker (OR) Two … ,

Thaz if You Up to tha Challenge … ,

Thanks in Advance For Your Participation (!!!)

Kinda Unsure How that is Helpful , but Ok … … …

Study and study, move and move.

its is imagery, a euphemism for letting go of negative thoughts. to disconnect from them.

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i have faith that the forum IS ready for it :smile:

Ya’know , Sometimes they Saye , , ,

Something About Two Birds and One Stone … ,

Weird Oddity of Old Washed Out Flutes and Such … ,

Your Faith Rings True With at Least tha Word Itself … ,

Faith . ,

Is , , , You Saye … ,

“is” ,

Perhaps e(Y)e Suppose We Shall See .

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They Rhyme , , ,

They Rhyme Sometimes , , ,

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We Shall See (???) ,

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Tha Forum :disappointed: jus Isn’t Ready , , ,

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From tha Birds to tha Bees . . .


Sometimes u use old english shakespeare type spellings.

Ive been getting alot of begative thoughts during the past couple hrs i feel guilty and sad and am positive i will never amount to anything because of sz i feel like all the people i grew up with and society are looking down on me because i cant man up and i feel like i will never be accepted wherever i go because my thoughts are so pathetic abd impure inalso realize how little i have going for me in life i have accomplished nothing yet other kids my age are thriving making friends forming relationships making money and doing well at school yet i have none of that and i never will i dont even particularly like my family but im stuck with them because i live with them and my younger brother has already surpassed me when it comes to being well adjusted.

Not sure how to answer these, Japan doesn’t have therapy like this is it CBT? Everyone on FB is a pozitivity pusher these days, yet another reason why i quit FB. It was stressin gme so i talked to my counselor, she said “Chigau. Negatibiti- ha daijoubu desu. Ningen wa negatibu to pojitibu” "That’s wrong it’s okay to be Negative. People are both pozitive and negative."
IO asked my homeopathic-Kampo-(Japanese-Chinese Herbal medicine, not Medical Marajuana it’s not the miracle cure and has side effects, like schozophrenia and paranoia for two examples.) and Ki-energy Psychiatist. “douyatte motto pojitibu ni nareru no? Mitokondoria Byo wa nanbyo desu” “How can i be more pozitive? Mitochondrial disease is an intractable disease, (no cure, and not very treatable).” The Homeopathic-Kampo-Ki energy psychiatist gave me a weird look as if to say “That’s natural man. I will see what i can do for you.” He waved his hand over his book of medicine like a Jedi doing an aura reading. Then held the medicine up to my forehead, “no.”, tried again with new medicine, “No.” he tried again with a new medicine, “aa, kore shikanai.” ‘ah, only this one’ I’ve been on Saireito Kampo 114 for a few weeks and i feel oddly good. Most western meds have terrible side effects. There’s a Pubmed article about it being used in the US to allieve pain from Chemo therapy in Cancer patients. I saw a mito counselor who specializes in helping mito kids with learning disabilities feel good about them selves and learn coping strategies for school said “start sleeping at 12:00am get up between 7am and 10 am”. My wife sleeps in until 10am often in winter, I think secretly she’s hibernating. “reduce caffiene intake, do not drink more than 4 bottles of Ryoku Cha or Green tea. and cut Chocolate intake little by little.” She oddly kept repeatting “Little by little” and “Step by step” as if proud of herself for learning a new English phrase from Google Translate. I’m bot on psychotropic meds. They all show signs of mitochondria toxicity and give me bad side effects. i’m not expecting to recover. It’s just way things are.
Peace. Avoid caffiene trust me after a few weeks off it after the withdrawl you won’t want to be beck on it. It doesn’t play well with meds anyway. Good luck, feel better.

shadagamoosh apipsil