Negative symptoms - what passion/hobby you lost?

Gaming is also a passion I have lost


I used to spend all my time doing it. That and smoking weed.

Now all I do is listen to music and surf the internet

Vitamins help me with my negative symptoms, not a cure but they do help. I don’t produce as much creatively as I’d like but I made new hobbies to replace the old ones like positive thinking, running, makeup, chatting online. I used to make more art and writing but I was kind of manic. I’m making less now but thinking a lot better.

I don’t feel I can go to the gym because I feel bad vibes from people n that they don’t want me there.

When I was living in Gold Coast I stopped dancing lessons because I felt people there were pushing me about and attacking me.

I avoid going to the city or big crowded places.

I can’t get myself to jog either.

I avoid dinners and social gatherings and parties.

Last Christmas I left in the middle of family lunch because I felt someone or some people didn’t want me there and I felt uncomfortable.

I don’t have positives at moment so that’s good and there are other nice things I can do like be with my sacred neigh.

I don’t write ad much. Spend a lot of time just lying on my bed. Don’t shower enough.

Need to force myself to do anything even eating food, going to bed, get out from bed etc. But the glad part is once i push myself to it and start doing it for some time then interest quickly builds up and then it becomes so hard to do some other or stop doing it. Its the initial pushup most challenging and it not come automatically like before.

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is it possible for negative symptoms to set in years later. maybe its depression for me but i really relate to alot of this. i dont feel like doing anything nowadays. i pump myself (sometimes by buying something new, like a new piece of equipment. i use it for a day or two then im back to laying in bed looking at the internet all day looking for something else to get. i feel happy for a time when i first recieve something.

years ago i used to love skateboarding all day and playing video games. more recently ive liked practicing music and creating.

now im too fat to skate how i used to. im no longer good at video games and i cant sit with a music book fin front of me for more than a few minutes without getting distracted or impatient and going to lay down


I saw this video by a guy who explains possible medication, supplement options for treating negative symptoms and what he told is mostly true.

For me glycine containing supplements found to be useful. He too mentions about glycine reuptake inhibitor, n methyl glycine etc. I have tried both dimethyl glycine and trimethyl glycine and both found helpful. DMG or dimethyl glycine is a miracle supplement for negative symptoms without causing much side effects, its also good for workouts.

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