Negative symptoms are gone

My negative symtoms of Schizophrenia are almost gone because I started taking high doses of Folic Acid and high doses of B12.




I’m glad that the supplements that you’re taking are working out for you. I’ve taken both folic acid and vitamin B12 myself and didn’t have success with them, but I was taking relatively low doses of the vitamins. I also had my folate and vitamin B12 levels tested when I was seen at an orthomolecular clinic, and both were found to be normal. What was found to be abnormal for me was my vitamin D level – it was found to be insufficient. I’m currently taking vitamin D and having some success with it, but I think it’s too early to say how it will affect me in the long run.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to say that it’s nice to hear that you’ve found a treatment that reduces the severity of your negative symptoms. As you may know, “negative” symptoms tend to be more difficult to treat than things like hallucinations and delusions (assuming that my understanding is correct), and anecdotal reports like yours describing the successful treatment of negative symptoms are good to read. I hope that someone else here might benefit from reading about the success that you’ve had in getting your negative symptoms under control with your vitamin regimen.


Thats good that it works for you, i benefit from amino acids, i take it once every week. It lifts my mood and keeps it stable for a week, but my negative symptoms are not treatable, because my neg. symptoms are the side effects of the med.