Schizophrenia my treatment plan

I used to take
Olanzapine 20mg
and Resperidone 4mg

not good…

Now, I take Zisperidone and sometimes I feel as if something is moving in my heart but this drug is simply amazing…

Zisperidone is great.

Even though I take Anti-psychotics like Zisperidone my

NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS don’t go away.

I take high doses of

FOLIC ACID and Vitamin B12 and these two make negative symptoms to completely go away.

My treatment plan for negative symptoms Schizophrenia

Ziperidone (80mg morning and 80mg night both with food) + Folic acid (High doses)+ B12 (High doses).

I want to take Cannabinoids but I don’t have money.

I take abilify and mirtazapine for my sz symptoms to go away