Negative symptom: lethargy

Do you experience this? Doesn’t matter on what meds I am, I experience lethargy


So do I. Doing anything is like trying to run in a swimming pool.

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How many pills do you take in the evening? Try decreasing to one.

I am extremely lathargic. I have no interest in getting up and moving. I dont sleep near as much as i used to. And i actually pick things up that fall now.

Im on Invega depot, I tried a lower dose, but I relapsed.

Everything looks like a chore…

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Yeah… first year on Invega was unbearable. Constant fatigue

May be in appropriate but any one been on any meds that help with lethargy or negate it any? :woman_shrugging::purple_heart:

I’m on abilify 2.5 mg . I have to take my lexapro late that’s tiring🤷‍♀️

Im on Invega and lexapro. Lexapro doesnt cause usually lethargy to me. I tried abilify and found it too stimulating. I need something just slightly activating

I go through periods of lethargy and periods of high productivity. I’ve been pretty lethargic for a few months. Might be my mood stabilizer.

I used to have a lot of negatives. I mainly slept all day and night. I have improved, but I’m still very lazy. I still lie on the couch all day.

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