Anyone taken abilify depot or invega sustenna? Which would you recommend?

Anyone have experience of both?

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I’ve never had Invega Sustenna, but Abilify Maintena injections work pretty well for me. I get the 400 mg strength (the maximum) every three weeks, though it normally is given every four weeks.

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I take Invega, not Ability. It really doesn’t touch my symptoms. Dr just upped my dose to 256 so I can report back 8n a few weeks after my shot this week.

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I was on Invega sustenna for a few months months then switched to Abilify maintena, I’ve been on Abilify for over a year. I switched because I had really bad akathisia on invega but I think it’s a better med in terms of positives, for me personally. Abilify is okay, it gives me a bit of energy. My doctors are keeping me on Abilify because I’ve responded well to it in the past. I’m also on a high dose of Latuda as well.

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You switching from Seroquel @anon35166066? I know you like the monotherapy.

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Ive had both. Im back on invega now. Abilify typically gives people energy. I didnt find this to be true. I guess so far invega is working better for me.

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I took it once got off of it. And now I’m waiting for derealization to go away along with dopamine to rebind. Does this happen farther down the road?

Absolutely. I was all good on it until they increased my dose. But in truth i feel people give this drug a way harder time than it deserves. Then again, every drug treats others differently, so i know it can be a difficult drug for some to tolerate.

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Are you sure? I became a hypocondrac by reading so much about recovery. It’s been four months off one shot. I have .5mg left in my body will everything go back to the way it once was? And in years or months?

I don’t like the Invega shot, but it did work. However it made me gain in excess of 40 pounds, and gave me anhedonia.

I’m weight-stable on Paliperidone pills (the pill form of Invega), and they don’t give me that much anhedonia. I can live with this.

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How much longer till I’m schizophrenia again it’s been four months off 1 156mg shot

If you’re off the shot and not taking any other antipsychotics, it shouldn’t be long before a relapse…

I have experience of both.

Over time I maxed out the Ability injection - I was on 400mg and my pdoc said after the 3 week mark my psychosis symptoms returned? This is when they switched me to Invega Sustenna and I started one 75mg and apart from once when they increased it to 100mg for a traumatic effect in my life it was decreased back to 75mg.

I can’t stay I noticed much side effects on Ability. I can’t say if it reduced any psychotic symptoms? I believe I haven’t got anything wrong with me but when I was on Abilify I was getting sectioned (involuntarily hospitalised) every six month and they had to increase the does each time.

On Invega - again I can’t say it has reduced any psychotic symptoms but I haven’t been sectioned (involuntarily hospitalised) in 2 years. I don’t feel much euphoria, unsure if that is a good/bad thing? I sleep every night. I do have anhedonia and while on it I have had dissociative feeling.

I think I prefer the Abilify to be honest, I miss being hypomanic. On Invega I feel nothing and I’m only on 75mg.

Really? All I care about is the derealization to go away and dopamine. When does that happen I feel out side my soul

stay awake all night and sleep the day away bc I draw all night