Need two operations

i have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and am scheduled for my first op’ within 18 weeks. that’ll be on my right hand, then the left one some time later. it’s absolute agony to do things so went back to the dr today and got some amytriptaline. it’s actually an anti-d but in the uk is used to treat nerve pain as that is a side effect of the med. it’s actually working. the pain isn’t gone but it’s made it bearable so i can do more things. roll on 18 weeks and i’ll be pain free in my right hand. can’t fookin wait.


It seems like a lot of people are getting carpa tunnel. Is that a repetitive motion injury?

Amitriptyline is used for nerve pain in the US too. Glad they’re not doing both wrists at once. :stuck_out_tongue: You would be up a creek without a paddle.

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i don’t know why i got it but it basically means the sheath tunnel that covers the nerves from the wrists into the hands is pressing on those nerves and has become too tight. it’s kind of like having toothache in your arms, wrists and hands, without the infection. fookin nightmare. it might well be repetition that causes it. i don’t honestly know. all i know is it bloody hurts from my shoulders to my finger tips and because the nerves are spread throughout the muscles it hurts all over. pins and needles too and like your skin is burning as well as sharp pain upon use of arms, wrists and digits. so basically moving hurts like hell.

@jaynebeal I probably need the surgery too but I am not in enough pain yet. good for you for braving the surgeries. I hear the procedure goes quick and painlessly. I hope you feel better soon.


I hope things work out for you Jayne - feel better soon

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I hope the surgeries are successful, that the recovery goes smoothly and I’m glad the amitryptaline is working.

Go steady,

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I have the same thing-not as bad, mainly a trigger finger.
I`m not having the operation until I can quit this job.
On the computer all day.
Good luck on the surgery.**

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