Unfortunately pàin

I take strong pain killers all day, and it has gotten to the point that they do not even help anymore. I had my last surgery last December, and it did more harm than gòod, I am in more pain now than I was before the surgery, but I got it in my head that it would help, I was desperate.
Now I saw my medical doctor the other day, a couple of months ago I found a lump on my side, as well as a lump on my breast. I am not concerned about the one on my breastfeeding because it is really small and I have already had 2 removed from my breastfeeding that were just fatry tumors. The one on my side has grown to be the size of a tangerine. The medical doc said we will start with a ultra sound and then a cat scan and take it from there.
To make matters worse, some of you may remember that I have a clotting disorder, a 3 or so months ago they found a new blood clot in my left leg again, and it is not really bothering me, but it is not dissolving even with blood thinners.
I have all this stuff going on and I am suffering in so much physical pain every day, I just needed a place to vent, thank you for listening.


Wow, that’s a lot to rightfully vent about.


Sorry Kittycat!
What kind of surgery did you have?
I hope your doctor will address everything.
Hang tough and don`t let that doctor make you wait too long for the tests! Let us know how it goes OO

I’m so sorry you are going though all this. Taking painkillers every day is rough. I hope your dr will get right on this. I’m glad you are sharing!

I send you some hugs @Kittycat if you want them


I hope they don’t wait too long to help you. Stay strong, and vent as much as you need!

Thanks for the hugs, I really need them! The surgery was a fusion at 3/4 4/5 disc and 2 rods were put in. The surgeon also said he put in some cages but my mostime recent MI did not show it and my psych nurse said it was possible that bone and scar tissue has grown over it. I go for epidural and facet blocks but it does not offer much relief. That was the most recent surgery . The first surgery was a discect my and a laminator y sorry for the miss spelling but my tablet will not let me type it the only way I can think to spell it.
ìwas really appreciate all of you, I really mean that! The support I get from all of you really means a lot, so thanks.