Need some guidance

How do U deal with loss ?

Not talking in terms of death or anything, just friend wise and stuff.

I wanna cut some memories outta my head but no therapy has ever helped me.



are these losses due to schizophrenia?

I’ve lost jobs due to no fault of my own.

and all because of Rona, haven’t seen any of my friends
in the Quad Cities.

I would say you just gotta wait and see, might not be
a true loss.


I don’t know that you get rid of the memories. I think you build new ones to focus on. Losing friends can be very traumatic. It hurts. Time heals. Try to get yourself busy making new memories hopefully with new friends.


I think time is the only way to deal with loss, it takes time to get over someone you love. Most people just can’t shut off emotions which focus on people we love.


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