Good careers for schizophrenics

one i thought i would have like is being an Occupational Therapist that works with mental illness. OMG so easy!! looks like fun actually you just work with crafts mostly and get paid good money!!!

I really would consider that if i was 18 but i do NOT want to go back to school so that’s a done deal.


Why not go back to school? I am forty, and I am going back to school to become a psychologist.


A phlebotomist- Draw blood from patients in a health care clinic + hospital. :hospital:


Some people call them vampires…


psychiatric nurse or social worker and therapists are ideal for us schizophrenics.

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Something with minimal stress that’s not people orientated?


I don’t know what occupation would be good for me, i haven’t really thought about it. Probably one that doesn’t involve people

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I like this change. Before it seemed like if you had SZ you could maybe do a low menial job if it wasn’t too stressful sometimes. But don’t count on it is what one pdoc told me.

Now everyone is getting into well paying psych work. I personally love the just the right amount of isolation and just the right amount of field work my job has. Love the flex time and love being out in the gardens.

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@runnergirl my mom is an occupational therapist and works with the elderly in home care. It’s not as easy as it sounds. She has to write notes and the activities she does with them have to be pertinent to their condition. It is very rewarding to see people improve though. She loves doing it but it’s not as easy as it sounds. She says it’s definitely worth checking out. She went back to school when she was 36. I’m studying to become a computer programmer which I think is a good career choice for someone with schizophrenia because you spend time alone doing your own thing.


it took me “FOREVER” to get my degree. many years actually. and my grades aren’t great. I’m better off not going back and wasting more time. :slight_smile:

It took me a while but I finally figured out how limited I am in what I can do. I can’t do the things that I wanted to, but I would like to start getting some on-the-job experience in janitorial and groundskeeping type work.

I’ve got physical and mental limitations, I’m considering stores big and small, to work in a capacity of storekeeper to supplement my eBay business. Just need to get my apps out there. I’m thinking Target or Walmart.

I wish I could get back to work, I volunteer part-time and I am still working on my hobby - art. So that is good, it is just that it I feel so withdrawn and helpless.

: (

Self employment. Something involving working outdoors: running a greenhouse or nursery, farming. doing these things on a small scale you don’t have to have much people contact. there are some farms that only hire a minimal number of people and you get to work outside a lot - hard work at times but you are outside in a relaxing environment with animals or gardens… I wouldn’t work on a factory farm though, and best to work where they do organic and non GMO because that stuff is just plain wrong and besides you would be exposed to unhealthy stuff all the time

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I would not want a schizophrenic as my doctor, nurse or psychologist. I’d switch if I ever found out they were. I don’t think they should be in positions that require that much responsibility.

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Don’t get it twisted; I want to become a clinical psychologist but I want to be a professor and run research, not give therapy; every time I hear a really tragic story, I get counter transference. That means I play shrink and end up getting my emotions stirred up, for example crying on the way home after talking to someone and hearing a past which is similar to mine. I am good at it, I like to state (as a fact) that I have been to hell, but I don’t exactly like my memories of schizophrenic hell. Who the ■■■■ would like schizo hell? I mean we have all been there, I don’t hear many of us saying that we like to ruminate on it. However I do remember my past when I need motivation, it reminds me that I have been to hell and came out stronger, so it gives me strength when I understand what I have endured and what I am capable of enduring.

I just do what I am good at and hope I can make a living off of it. I have a passion for learning and especially schizophrenia. I love learning about it from participant observation; I have my story and everyone else has one too. I am obsessed with this mental illness.

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That is exactly what I’m in school for. I love my job with the city gardens. I’m hoping to get the education to transfer to the greenhouses. Also, the community gardens donate a huge amount of fresh food to the food banks.

I would love to be more involved with that part of things as well.

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Self employment in something g you enjoy and can make enough to live on. Flexible schedule is detrimental for me.

I use to want to build a huge business, but that’s quite stressful. I now prefer simple low stress profitable business. Otherwise I end up playing the rat race of more more more game.

I try to stay optimistic, and sometimes I struggle even understanding schizophrenia and its meaning in my life.
i get ideas that its tied to Karl Jung’s “spiritual emergency” theory.

I listened to Ken Wilber speak on the internet yesterday, there is good people doing good things and we are learning so much about consciousness. check out Integral Life website. it is interesting.

I’ve always wanted to have a job like counting the dots on the ceiling tiles, rearranging things, scrubbing those sticky spots off the merchandise, and my favorite, interpreting fast moving clouds into characters and plots that others could use for books and movies?
Sigh, so far no job offers.