Need help with my kid that call it transgender

oh lord. this is hard to talk about. but here it go’s : my kid was born both male/female in a mix unlike many. not quit a morphodite but rather clinefelter. top half female lower half male but intrunal has parts mixed. bone as well. my ? is i need a new way of calling to my kid. being both with out get my kid mad. is there a better word then trans. because boy/ girl/ both don’t cut it. i need to know. ps any parents well tell you have one is a chore to raze. i did just that.

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Hi so I’m a butch lesbian most people can’t tell me apart from male or female and honestly it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been asked what’s my pronoun and I say alien because I don’t have a title. I would say ask your kid what they feel like they should be called.


I wouldn’t really call the kid trans, as it’s a congenital condition.

How old is the kid?
If they’re old enough to talk and think, perhapd ask them what they’d prefer?

They/them pronouns could work


my kid is now 31 years old,

Call him by his name and try not to make her awkward

Labels are a societal conformity. They’re really not anything to worry about. You should ask your kiddo what they prefer

I don’t know all the details or the formalities, but however the person wants to be identified, is their decision. I would just ask them how they wish to be identified in a way that they are accepted and respected.

The common term is sometimes called intersex
It seems to be preferred by many compared with hermaphroditism
So like ‘my intersex kid’


Yes this. Intersex. However you should refer to your child by the pronouns they prefer.


I think your child is intersex- neither male or neither female.

I would say, let your kid choose the gender. Have you asked them?

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I think you should ask your kid what they prefer to be called. People born with a mix of features can feel like a boy,or a girl, or somewhere in between. It is hard to know how someone feels inside without asking.


many of us parents that have kids like my son have to chose for them at birth in my case i chose a boy, by the Dr had his concerns over the growth of him, as he got older it was obviously it was that i miss judge that. he prefers to be a girl or both. as his friend now call him Bree. and she works at wallmart. she see’s a Dr for ADHD, and hormone balance DR. alltho she likes dateing women . i have mixed feeling. but would like other’s parents to know, love is unconditional . kid are , and allways be a part of are lives.
if i would to name this condition i would name it after my kid. Bree.

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Ask. It is up to your kid about what makes them comfortable. :whale2::whale2::whale2:

If she prefers to be called Bree and goes by female pronouns, you should stop saying “son”. She’s obviously stated with actions and words that she prefers being female. Dating women has no impact on that.

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Maybe call her/him by thier name gender so like billy=him Rachel= her

That doesn’t always work. My friend’s son chose to keep his “girl” name but goes by he/him.

The final say is up to the person. Easiest way to find out is to ask what they prefer. Most trans and intersex people wildly prefer a question over speculation.


Yeah that’s true

I would get a DNA test, or have you already? And go by that sex.

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