Need help with apathy, anhedonia, avolition

Is there a medication out there for schizophrenic apathy (that works with dopamine or otherwise)? I have tried various SSRI’s and the SNRI Effexor XR and still the anhedonia remains as it always has since my teen years. I know that my Seroquel decreases dopamine activity which keeps me stabilized, but is there a med that can increase certain dopamine activity while Seroquel decreases other dopamine activity so that ultimately a good balance is achieved? Or is there a med that does NOT affect dopamine that can be added to treat my apathy?

This is just me… not how it works for everyone, but I was in a huge negative wax coating on my nice large dose of Seroquel and Zoloft. But the Zoloft got switched to a lower dose of Xanax and the Seroquel got cut down a lot AS Latuda got added.

It was something about the Latuda/ Seroquel mix that helped me feel less sedated and helped me get the start of getting out and getting going.

After that, I needed to fight the apathy with CBT therapy and hard work. But having less seroquel mixed and another AP to help stabilize me worked for me.

But please… that is just me.

I’d say write down how your feeling and let your doc know what’s going on. A doc can’t help you if a doc doesn’t know.

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I don’t know if this will help. Invega/Paliperidone per my son’s pharmacy info states: used to treat certain mental/mood disorders. Can decrease hallucinations and help you to think more clearly and positively about yourself, feel less agitated, and take a more active part in everyday life.

I’m afraid my head spins a bit when discussed in terms of SSRI, antagonists, etc. But it is a dopamin D2 antagonist.

I take dopamine antagonist and agonist together. perphenazine and aripiprazole together and both of them helped me alot. clozapine can be very beneficial for you. and sth that I newly tested is rivastigmine( interfers with acetylcholine) and to this time it has been a miracle for me(though I dont believe in miracle), it helped me with thinking, memory and removing bad thoughts and increased my energy.


Thanks for the responses. I have done a lot of research and realized that doing research means that there is some motivation there. I think I’m going to seek out more therapy. I am definitely going to ask my psychiatrist about Latuda or Abilify in combination with my Seroquel. Clozapine is one I have wanted to try because I guess it can silence EVERYTHING I hear; but the blood count thing freaks me out a bit…

Also I’m going to start contributing more on this forum. Gotta give back!



Hey good luck to you, hope you find therapy helpful and get on the right meds!

I like to read about Mr. Jeremy Fisher, good old frog he is!

Take care!