Need help........@notmoses and sz@admin

i am visiting pdoc this week…i used to escape from medicine for 4 months or more.
i am scared of side effects of anti psychotic med…
In our country Risperdal is most popular amongst anti-p…
i have read Risperdal cause’s Sexual Dysfunction or
Erectile is it sure when u are on Risperdal.U are
sure to get Sexual Dysfunction
or it depends upon DNA or person to person chemical Mechanism …
and I don’t want to be doctor with doctor.
i want to build good rapport with him…

You can ask for a different medicine. Risperidone does cause sexual disfunction, but if you tell your pdoc that that is a really big deal for you he can give you something else like orap (pimozide) which is what my pdoc gave me instead of risperidone, and it works fine.

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All anti-Ps can cause SD. Risperdal seems to produce a higher-than-usual incidence of SD. (See

I take Seroquel quetiapine now (after being on Risp and Geodon). It appears to “slow me down” some, even at a low dose. But I’d rather be slowed down a bit than deal with the upshots of not taking the stuff (mania, impulsivity, anger, triggerability, lack of self-control when stressed, etc.) That’s me.

But this is about you. So. I suggest doing whatever you decide to do… and very carefully monitoring the results of making that choice.

It’s that simple.

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i would go for abilify if it is available in nepal…
can Sexual dysfunction caused by anti ps can be corrected…???
or It tend to stay 4 lifetime

try to stop masturbating and thereby increase your testosterone in the blood. can do some wonders if you keep at it for a month or more.

have u tried this when ur on Risperdal …

nope but im sure your sex drive will increase no matter what drug youre on once you stop masturbating full stop. and you need to do it for like a month atleast. some say even 3 months. then your body will adjust to a higher amount of testosterone and you wont have that particular problem. but essentially all AP are the same they all block the dopamine in the brain which prevents the basic reward/joy you experience when doing things including sex or training.


One would have to stay off of them for a long, long time.

@danddolo is correct about refraining from masturbating, though I’m not in total agreement with his explanation. (Testosterone levels are a factor, but they’re not the whole story.)

Masturbating is like any high-stimulation addictive behavior… only moreso. It produces neurophysiological tolerance in the limbic system by opening up more and more dopamine receptors. One needs to get a higher high in specific neural channels to drive the erection process. But as the # of Da receptors increases at the same time Da availability is depleted in those channels via over-demand, the ability to get the high erodes… and that acts negatively on the expectational feedback look through the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmentum.

Edward Khantsian and Phillip Shaffer are the go-to guys on this.

Khantzian, E: The self medication hypothesis of substance use disorders: a reconsideration and recent applications, in Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Vol. 4, No. 5, Jan-Feb 1997.

Shaffer, H.; LaPlante, D., La Brie, R.; et al: Toward a Syndrome Model of Addiction: Multiple Expressions, Common Etiology; in Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Vol. 12, 2004.


man its kind of sedation vs eps , with these meds. I think that seroquel is a good compromise.

but…people do complain that its not as good at stopping hallucinations or positive sympthoms. in fact many get an increase in visuals , with it.

clozapine and zyprexa are good at preventing positive symptoms , but weight gain and blood work is a problem. and obviously sedation.

the rest seem to cause more eps symptoms…

it all depends on what your willing to live with…

On orap compared to risperidone I got: increased mental energy levels, drowsiness disappeared, returning sexual function over about six months. I was on risperidone for three years, ended up hating the stuff, the best that could be said was it made me sleep better.

The best sexual function I got during the recovering period was not by abstaining from masturbating, but limiting it to once every two weeks or so. It’s important to keep the equipment in working order and keep the channels active. Physical exercise, especially strength training once you reach a good level of fitness, also really helps raise testosterone levels.