I'm having really bad problems with motivation

I really Can’t get much done.

How does everyone here deal with that?

It is so difficult.

I don’t know, maybe I need to find a meaningful intention to get me into a healthy momentum.

I just want to understand myself a bit better and other people so I want to read up on things but I feel I can’t.

And I want to study some other things such as Buddhism.

Again, in the past two days I have done so much less than I want.

I just feel like my life is being wasted if I continue like this.

How can we become more motivated people?


What are the things you want to do?

Is it the reading? I’m asking because sometimes I don’t define the goal and then sit around thinking I’ve got tons to do when I really don’t.

You are welcome to use my productivity thread (post one small thing you plan to do, go do it, come back and say you accomplished it).

I struggle with this a lot, too. It’s my most challenging symptom. It’s also embarrassing to talk about with others.

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Yes it is mainly reading. I manage to get a little bit of reading and also writing done. But then after half an hour or so I find it hard to get back to it.

Thankyou I will use your thread for my accomplishments.

Yes it is embarrassing for me too. My friend does so much and I don’t. So I prefer not to meet her atm cos I am ashamed.


I get that. My husband is super productive. Like, even if I was well, I’d never compare to him. But it’s really hard to not compare. I don’t have advice at all for that. But, I can say “me too! You’re not alone :heart:

I’m going to print out a page I use to write down all the things I want to accomplish on the left side and when I’ll do it on the right side. I’ve noticed this only works if I keep the timeline short (only a few hours and not all day) and literally do an every-other strategy. I do something I want (knit, check here, paint a certain amount, eat, whatever) and then do the thing I need pushing you get through.

Maybe one of those ideas will help?

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Firstly, its okay if you dont do as much as your friend. Try and work on yourself without direct comparisons.

Motivation it is difficult as its not something that can just be cured. Looking back I think I was probably a lot more depressed than I knew when I struggled with low motivation
I found setting up a weekly schedule when you have different activities planned is really helpful. I definitely don’t complete them all, but I do more than I would if I didn’t have a schedule.

As for just a general thing. Remember why you want to do it or why its important.


Thanks. Yes I need to do like a to do list I think in my organiser. And that is a really good point thanks. It needs to remain realistic.

Sorry you’re going through this too.

But we will be alright, just need to go at our own pace :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s true. Schedule is good thankyou StarCrazy. BTW love your username.

And yea I need to know why I’m doing things. The reason is because I want to understand how to be. And how to live.


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I am taking a dopamine supplement and it improved my negative symptoms but its not a miracle that will make you as good as before sz. Also if you take too much it may cause psychosis.


Ooh I’d be way too scared to take that.


Its like meds for ADHD, it increases dopamine. I made a thread on the forum, some users got psychosis from stimulants like Ritalin while others didn’t.

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Sometimes I wish this forum didn’t exist. Maybe I’d actually be doing something. Anyone feel the same?

Set yourself small steps. Visualise or mentally have an idea of the road/path you need to acquire what you’re after and that should help.

Motivation is mostly tenacity and discipline. I feel most everyday situations don’t require this and so we don’t exercise the ability but for sz people we’ve lost a lot of interest in life so it seems even worse.

As long as you manage stress levels and triggers. Motivation will slowly come back. And maybe cognition too


Yes this is it. My stress levels are moderately high. Need to find out how to reduce that.

I think I already said it but when my negative symptoms are better I am less on the internet overall as I go outside. The problem is really in me and not the forum. When my negative symptoms are worse without this forum I would either be sleeping or maybe playing video games which isn’t any better.


Yea Aziz you could be right. Maybe even without this forum, I’d be doing not much :+1:

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I agree with Aziz’s logic. I closed my last account thinking I had a problem with visiting this forum but then ever since I opened this account I have been a moderate user, still regular but I don’t feel impulsively like I need to use it.

It’s in my mind I’d say.


Yeah feel the same. My motivation comes and goes. A few weeks ago I was really busy with kids sister, illustration course and playing music and listening to audio books and going for walks. But went through a slump were I felt awful. Feel a bit better now but don’t have same level of motivation to do stuff. Shame but hopefully it will come and go until I feel good all the time and motivated.


Hope so too for you x

Negative symptoms are so sad, cause you are so talented gifted yet you can’t get yourself to create.

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We all are talented yea… It is true… We are caged up and aware of being caged up.

This has to change :/. If possible.