No evidence exorcism works

There is plenty of documentation from the vatican of people recovering what what you people call schizophrenic. But you don’t count that as evidence. I think what you expect to happen is for the psychiatrist to perform the exorcism themselves and then write it up in a peer review journal. It just doesn’t happen that way. It can only be performed by a Catholic priest and it is a private affair There’s also plenty of people who’ve had experiences with spirits and recovered through prayer and fasting. You just won’t listen to the people or the church.

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Their religious beliefs set them up to believe they can be possessed in the first place.

You should get some references when you bring up topics like these.

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I am going through an exorcism on August 23rd. I will tell you how it goes.

Did you believe you could be attacked by spirits when you became schizo? Just curious…

No I believed that telepathy was potentially real. Then I got attacked by people.

You don’t have faith and it is being done by protestants. Good luck.

Seriously. I’d like to see some documentation on successful exorcisms.

There is a protestant priest and a Catholic ordained priest, I will be using both and I have a ton of faith in God.

Yet you believe you are schizo, not possessed, so will you be praying for the demon to go away or your man made disease?

I will be praying for demons to leave my body, why else would I go?

Yet you don’t believe there are demons in your body, according to your posts you believe you are merely sick and you’re just doing it to make your husband happy, which means you plan to make a mockery out of the holy ritual of exorcism and lie to God himself.

Man you’re pretty close to being sane, but at the same time so far away.

It shows of your constant inaccurate judgements of other people.

Your either here to pick fights. To try to find some sense of superiority or righteousness. Or some other bs that is equally stupid.

You ever just calmed the ■■■■ down and accepted your place in life?

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Absolutely not. I am not going through my personal beliefs on this forum to such a great extent, however, I am going, to the best of my ability, get rid of the demons that plague me. I believe a variety of things. God knows what I am doing and that is what matters.


You can be a societal outlier if you want. It doesn’t seem like you respect anyone other than yourself. Beyond that you don’t respect other people’s right to believe what they want.

You think you’re on top of things, but it really just looks like you’re brainwashed. By fear by your illness.

If you have faith in God and think sz is a product of demonic possession why don’t you get an exorcism yourself.

If your going to overlook all the research and studies that show the sz brain is indeed different than a normal brain, you’re really selling yourself short.

I’m sure some of the people Hitler killed in the holocaust had abnormal brains and genetic differences as well, buddy.

That’s some loose connection ■■■■■■■■. You only said Hitler and holocaust because they are power words.

Like any of that ■■■■ has anything to do with me.

Nowhere did I say sz should even be harmed.

The difference is neurological. It’s not demonic possession.

I’ll see you in hell man.

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Well Satan certainly rivals Hitler… just a little. Would you prefer that power word?

Are you drinking again @Daimon?

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Actually I just got out of Jury Duty. I was thirty minutes early and was there at 7:15 AM.