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Is unspecified the same as undifferentiated schizophrenia?

I’ve never heard of unspecified… but I am diagnosed as undifferentiated…

the way that was described to me was I was too disorganized to be solidly dx as paranoid… I had too many paranoid features to be dx as solidly disorganized. I waiver between the two.

Thanks for your reply… that was very informative to me. The reason i ask is that I was at the doctors and i saw my diagnosis and it read paranoid schizophrenia, unspecified. And I just don’t know exactly what that means…I tried Google but I’m getting confused whether or not unspecified is just another way of saying undifferentiated or if they are something totally different. ??

I don’t think they’d use two terms interchangeably like that. Reference the DSM 4 or 5. If I remember correctly someone was saying they’ve reduced the number of type of sz in the 5th so the 4th is probably your best bet.

It did say paranoid as well, confusing o_0.

Unspecified would just be NOS (Not otherwise specified) Tends to be used when a specific category hasn’t been diagnosed.

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I found this website for codes that has schizophrenia, unspecified.

I’m guessing that you full somewhere between the two. Paranoid features but not always?

Ooh… I see. It seems like every time I catch a glimpse at my diagnosis it’s always something different. Perhaps because my symptoms are always changing through the years… I thought that unspecified might be undifferentiated because the last time I looked at my diagnosis it was undifferentiated schizophrenia.
Thanks guys!

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From the researchers / psychiatrists I’ve talked to - most have given up on those old categories. They just focus on the symptoms and don’t try to sub-categorize schizophrenia. Half the time people get re-classified as bipolar, or schizo-affective, etc. - so even the higher level diagnoses change over time for many people. I wouldn’t worry about this.


Ive noticed the same thing.And thats one of the reasons I never went back to a nut cracker for help.

I mean how and why do they sub-categorize ACTUAL insanity?

Im not minimizing disorders like depression or disorders caused by trauma or societal disorders that for good reason are taboo.

But I always thought if you hear voices and have paranoia then there is something wrong with the chemical balance of the brain and therefore are “insane”.

It seems like you have to be violent or at the least disfunctional to the point you are homeless and living in a bush or you are _____________(enter sub-catagory) and not schizophrenic.

Well im not like Jason constantly here voices telling me to kill but I cant even hold a job for more than a week I cant have friendships or ANY kind of retationship outside of a internet forum .

And thats because the voices and paranoia I have is constant it’s not just a “mood”.

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Well I do know the medical coding for paranoid schizophrenia. Mine is 295.32, the .32 means chronic. I guess unspecified just means plain old paranoid schizophrenia.

I could look up the other codes but I am on my phone and its in my Firefox bookmarks. Maybe I can find it if I google it. Lemme get back to you.

Looks like you have the code 295.30, just paranoid schizophrenia. Be glad it’s not chronic. Chronic sucks, it means I never get a break. Normally people get clear periods, days where they don’t experience symptoms, but not me!


Thanks! I give up on all this labeling… I’m not even paranoid. I had a 2 year period of paranoia long ago, starting back when i was 19 (i’m 25 now) and they’ve called me paranoid ever since. Nowadays I just mainly have hallucinations…and some delusions that don’t always bother me and if I don’t get enough sleep or drink caffeine or do things that alters my senses I get really confused. My friends used to call me walking trivia. But i do know this…being paranoid sucks! And I’'m sorry you go through that non stop :-(. And thank you again :-).