Nearly had a car accident today

Just wanted to let off steam - while I was driving today a van driver nearly gave me the heart attack of my life, by cutting into me on the inner lane. His trailer nearly took the side of my car off & I had to mount the kerb to avoid getting hit. I was quite shocked by this incident…as I am a careful & considerate driver. I just went and informed the police but they said as I did not have the identity of the driver it wouldn’t go to court…and basically it would be my word against his. I had his registration number as well as the company website and phone number on the van. The trailer he was towing was of a different registration number to the van which I don’t think is entirely legal. It’s ridiculous, he shouldn’t even have a licence, I mean what if there was someone walking on the kerb at that precise moment. And, I ended up running someone over? Careless drivers enrage me, they really do.


Everyone sucks at driving except me it seems…and my sisters a good driver too. Must be genetic

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Glad you’re okay. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

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Kinda reminds me of the time I got hit by an a&e truck. And the driver didn’t get fired.

I’ve been driving almost steadily since I was 17. I’m 55 now. There was a five year gap from 1990-95 because the board & care I was living in at the time didn’t allow any resident to have a car. I also couldn’t drive from 1980-84 because i was psychotic and I couldn’t afford a car. I’ve been in 7 or eight accidents but only one was my fault and no one got hurt.