Near nervous breakdown

I feel I’m about to break down . If I hear another word, I will lose my mind. My neurons are so sensitive right now

I am not sure what’s the definition of nervous breakdown. But I feel it

Like burning of my brain neurons

You need to go to the hospital, man.

You sound bad.


I feel your pain Om. I really do. Unfortunately there are no easy answers I can reel off to help you.

Suppose just hang in there. Try and get some sleep or something. Usually I find that goes some way to settling the mind down, provided you can actually fall asleep

yea if you really can’t deal with it anymore i’d go to the hospital too, or at least try to get in contact with your pdoc or gp doc.

But i’d also say try to rest a bit and disconnect from the world for a few so you can relax.

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I know what it’s like to be at breaking point with voices but you’ve been here and got through it, you can get through it again your one of the strongest people on here

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Go to ER 151515

I think i should go to the hospital but it’s far from here. Who is gonna drive me? And moreover, I wait for the courier to bring me some books I ordered, I can’t be in hospital right now, these days

is there anybody you know that can drive you? The books are no reason to not get help i think… if you really doing so badly then just get the books later… it’s annoying but it’s better than be in bad condition.


I hope you feel better, om. This disease is no fun. What books did you order?

@Om_Sadasiva What do you think is causing it?

I ordered 4 books by Piotr Kropotkin :crazy_face:

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I don’t know. I’m super sensitive to everything. My mind is going to break

Yesterday i was on the verge of a breakdown. I called the hospital and had some help, just talking with a stranger. Today i feel stronger.

If you can’t be hospitalized, try to call somebody, a professional.

Hope you feel better soon


Do you have some benzos to relax?

Yes, there is a number I can call for psychological struggles because of covid.

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Yes, I took one. I will take a second

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I have not a problem with covid but that would be a good opportunity to talk about my sz

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