I think I'm going crazy what should I do?

I think I’m going crazy and I don’t know what to do. I find myself acting like someone that’s in a mental hospital. Will you please help?


How are you acting crazy?

I got that sometimes too. Thinking I going to break. Maybe treat yourself with something. Have a shower/bath, go for a walk, mix under a crowd like a shopping mall or centre. Maybe go in a quiet area like nature or park and reflect. Call the helpline. It’s going to be ok.

Can you make an appointment with a doc or pdoc? Or go to ER?

Just think of someone that has completely lost there mind, I wobble all over the place and crawl on the ground and my thinking is not rational. Is this an emergency?

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If you feel like it’s an emergency, you should go to the ER. It’s hard to tell from here exactly how bad or not that your situation is.

What are the rules for being admitted to a psyche ward? What qualifies as too crazy?

What’s going on?
It’s hard to determine what you should do without details on what’s going on with you?

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You probably should go to the ER. My mom used to take me. They either will admit you or send you home.

I’m sorry that you’re feeling that way but at least you recognize it and are asking for help. When I have gone to the hospital, it’s against my will because I think I am fine when I’m not.

If you are crawling on the floor and are wobbly and feel out of control, you should go to the ER.

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I got an emergency appointment with my doctor first thing in the morning, I wonder what I should tell him?

hey hey hey! I went to the doctors and everything turned out perfect! I’m going to be put on clozapine which is the strongest antipsychotic and the last resort. You should have seen the doctors appointment! I had a fantastic time! It was awesome! It was kicking! It was outstanding! and out of this world!


Happy cake day @YellowMountain . It’s the anniversary of the day you joined the forum.

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