Nazi Germany vs. USSR: who was worst?

Do you think that Nazi’s or the Soviet’s were the bigger villains in the 20th century?

well, without the USSR we’d all propably speak german right now. So it’s a tough choice


yet, without Nazi Germany (and let’s not forget Fascist Italy and Spain) we’d not have a problem at all, right?

I would say the nazis. I’m glad the Soviet Union is finished, but at least their ideology wasn’t evil like nazism.

Yeah, I agree, the nazis

I would say the USSR, because Stalin killed more people than Hitler. According to a May 2, 1982 issue of “The New Republic”, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 80 million people during his lifetime.

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The Nazis were worst

I would look at it a little more specifically because I don’t like to overgeneralize (there were lots of good people who joined the NAZI party because they had to, and there are lots of good people (most people) in the USSR who are good too.

So I would ask - who was worse Hitler or Stalin. Both really bad guys who were responsible for millions of people’s deaths. They are both so bad that its not worth arguing really.

Its like arguing what tastes worse - rotten eggs or rotten beef? Why bother - they are both abhorent.


You’re absolutely right. I was just thinking about concentration camps and szs being castrated.

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