Conversation on here

Did u like it…?

Which conversation lol?

just were you engage in conversation seems to flow , and both people feel satisfaited

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anyone wanna a conversation with me

What do you want to talk about?

lets talk about genral knowlege

Did you find work finally?

nope but i will…i have many skills

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Which subject? I have no idea lol

who won the world war in 1945?

Not Germany ofc, Russia bcz they had the most deaths?

imo no one won it lol

Well Germany surrendered.

why did the germans want 2 rule the world?

Hitler was crazy? Some sources say he had a personality disorder and was using drugs like amphetamines etc Narcissistic personality disorder.

Well he was a criminal too of course.

You know Pablo Escobar? He’s the biggest cocaine trafficker in history, called king of cocaine. He tried to be a president (of Colombia) but failed. He bought tanks and an army and attacked the government bcz he lost the elections. He’s similar to Hitler for me.

They didn’t, they wanted Eastern Europe and Russia as “living space” for the Germans.
They had crazy theories on races, they thought that it was natural for other “aryans” (France, UK and USA) to support them but it didn’t go that way luckily.

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