Little pocket of jeans

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I thought its for certain :pill: pills, but thanks, learning everyday something new.

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Wasn’t he a mass muderer? Or am I mistaken

Mass murderer? Who told you this?

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Haha. Just kidding.
It’s not a political thread

He was a tscheslovakian musician, i think.

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Maybe a romanian streetwalker

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Red terror by the boljewiks and stuff. Didn’t he kill the Tsar and his family too.

He also struck down bloodily uprisings from farmers and laborers.

I’m sure there’s other stuff too.

Of course he killed the Tsar.
What should he do? Keep him as oppressor?

Red terror is the answer to white terror.

Lenin was a genius.

Anyway, mods close this thread

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I think he would made a good musician. I don’t believe in killing people. Earth is big enough to go somewhere peace and quiet. But maybe not anymore. Where should the tabbacco smokers go ?

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Earth becomes red either ways.

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