Nature is more alive

It is my fourth week of school and as a result of being around people, and having even a little purpose, I can feel myself very slowly coming alive. Since April 2014 when I dropped out, I’ve been in a spiritual/emotional/social coma. I went to the park that I had been to at least twenty times during my dead months/years, and it was a different park. In contrast to the busy-ness that I see on campus every day, it was still, alive, and content.

I don’t believe for a second that a person who had a severe psychotic break as a teenager, like myself, cannot become readjusted to an active, meaningful lifestyle.


This is encouraging. I am glad you’re adjusting to school so well! You guys make me want to go to school again too!


I think you’re much more intelligent than your average bear…the upside of your affliction perhaps.

Glad you’re finally engaged and basking in the glow of new friendships and opportunity! :sunny:


One of us! One of us!

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