Name Change?

How would you guys feel if I went back to ZombieMombie? DearZombie was a play on Dear Abby…but I might not change. Just putting out feelers.

I wanted plain old Zombie or Raven in the beginning but they were taken.


ZombieMombie is good.


I could try @Z0mbie

I like ZombieMombie also

Y’all just want a cutesy mod. Admit it.



How about Zombie with a number or numbers after it?

Maybe. I kind of like Z0mbie. Maybe Z0MBIE, but it might confuse people.

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I like zombiemombie because I can never remember your current name.

My vote is for staying the same. Name changes drive me crazy. But at least yours would still be some variation of “Zombie”, so it wouldn’t be as easy to lose track of you as some name changes…

Yes I can remember the Zombie part but not the Dear when tagging moderators. Then I start to type Zombie and nothing comes up.

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I liked ZombieMombie. It’s a cool play on words.

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I like zombiemombie

Maybe ZombieMatriarch or ZombiePraetorian idk

Yeah zombie mombie rolls off the tounge nicely.

  • ZombieMombie
  • DearZombie
  • Z0mbie

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Either is ok with me. It’s totally up to you.

i vote for keep it the same like it is now =3

I think your old username was cool

Go back to it for sure!

I like them both. Good on you for being creative. Why zombies btw?

@Sunlion Because I wrote a zombie novel in 2012-2013. I’m a big zombie fan, whole life :slight_smile:

And I think I will go back to ZombieMombie. Majority rules.