I'm a little confused

Was @ZombieMombie someone else before? I feel confused… No offense @ZombieMombie

I noticed change of pic.

she’s always been zombiemombie I’m pretty sure…she is a novelist and that is what she writes about.

Probably what changed… I go by profile pics a lot

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Ok, I think even our name cant have the same name, given to a new person as well. I guess.

Edit I think from past few days, English is getting weaker.

For a while she was DearZombie

She was also brainzzz like 4 years ago

I think

She was also a cat in a previous life.


Hm. I didnt get the tag notification.

I was zombiemombie, thechewycenter, dearzombie, and back to zombiemombie for the past year, I believe.

I changed my profile pic to another Zombie Mom.

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@ZombieMombie oh okay I figured out who you are… Sorry for getting confused

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Hi @ZombieMombie !

I got a new Lucio Fulci, Zombie shirt to replace my old one that’s worn out and doesn’t fit me anymore.



Sweet! Got a pic?

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Yes ma’am! I downloaded it from Amazon. :wink:

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Nice! I love it.

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Thank you! I love it too. :blush:

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You totally ROCK! I am most envious indeed! I have a Leatherface shirt but you’ve one-upped me!

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Thank you kind sir!


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