NAC - weight loss, recovery

I didn’t conduct a scientific study on this, but it seems NAC has helped me lose a lot of weight. On it I progressively lost weight to the point of 173 and this was while regularly drinking at night. I went off it and progressively gained 2 pounds, all the while being sober for 4 days. I went back on it and lost the 2 pounds in 2 days. On another note, I recover much better from work outs while on this supplement.

Today I did 1 set of push ups, then 2 sets of 30 pound dumbbell curls, then 2 sets of 20 pound dumbbell arm press, then 1 set of 25 pound dumbbell curls, then 1 set each arm of 30 pound dumbbell tripod DB rows, then 1 set of 30 pound crush grip goblet squat, then 1 set of sit ups, then 1 set of push ups, then 1 set of sit ups. Fin. I did no cardio the past two days because I have an annoying blister on my toe and it may be infected.

I haven’t lost weight on it. I do have less anxiety on it.

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