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This is the other support group I use, never saw any of them eat popcorn!

What’s wrong with eating popcorn…


I don’t like facebook stuff cause it’s attached to your profile, which others can look at, I thinking of opening a fake facebook so only those I want to see it can look.

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Use a funny name like uhhh…sofa king awesum…

It can tell when you do that, it tries to create a page not a profile so the name has to sound real, I tried Max Power and it would not let me

Aw…well that sucks…

I agree, anyone could see I belong to the schizophrenic group on Facebook.
@flameoftherhine has a good idea, open a fake Facebook account, but then that sounds like a pain, maintaining 2 Facebook accounts.
I don’t use Facebook anymore at all outside the MG group but a lot of others do.


Well running my own business don’t need people seeing that, so Probably set up a fake one, people I would like to add, so we can chat and stuff

Yeah, I agree. I don’t think that, generally speaking, it’s a good idea to post personally protected information (PPI) and medical information of any kind of social media that is not anonymous.

Even for closed groups (not visible to the public), you have no way of knowing who the other people participating really are or what their motivations are.

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You sound paranoid - lol
So, this is the right group for you

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I like popcorn :slight_smile:

I haven’t been on fb for 3 years…too paranoid…I’m happy some of us can still use it and be in support groups they find helpful

Actually had a falling out with a guy I worked with here and his son, after that I started getting fake customer calls, trying to bug me with stupid questions and make it look like they were watching me, which i’m sure his son arranged, along with damage to my trucks, so really careful now

Aw that’s some ■■■■■■■■…did you inform the local moose mounted PD?

I like to add sz people as friends so we can chat and see post of pictures and what their up to

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Nah, it’s called being careful. There’s a reason anonymity is required on this forum.


Facebook is a breeding ground for viruses and Id theft and is constantly being watched by the NSA among others…these are not paranoid thoughts its just how it is now…



Lol baby ninja turtles eating popcorn FTw


Here’s what it looks like , stock image from google.

People report in as dead from MG in the other support group, as when it gets bad your breathing stops suddenly. That’s worse than the popcorn.

Another dead MG member today. :sleeping: