My wife loves Ghost Adventures

I think it is the dumbest show ever. I wish Ghostbusters stuff would happen to them just to scare them.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any advice for me to try and appreciate the show?


I like watching ghost shows too, but usually the type of series that document hauntings experienced by regular people, not the ones where there are actors whose job it is to entertain people by traveling to different supposedly haunted locations. I personally believe that ghosts are really just angels and demons, and that they do exist. I also wonder if ufos are the “chariots of fire” in the sky that are described in the Bible. I kind of doubt that human souls are sitting around the earth, because the vast majority of people that have near death experiences describe being sucked into a vortex that takes them away from earth. The few people that have near death experiences where they stay on earth, usually are in a coma, and while some are able to see their loved ones and hear them, but they are unable to communicate with them, let alone move objects. I figure if people can’t move objects via telekinesis during this life, why would they be able to do so in death? It’s possible ghosts are dead humans, but really anything is possible.

I do believe in ghosts, but that show’s pretty bad. They pretend to see and hear things but the tv viewer never sees anything!
What was that!!! :laughing:

huh, odd…I just put “what lies beneath” on my netflix que. ghost story…

I believe in ghosts…my grandpas ghost came to see me when he died. visited my aunt in california at the same time.