My voices say

I pray to another God than the rest of the world.

Maybe that is our problem. The religions of this world are of another God than our own. So who is our God, comrades? Perhaps we need to create a blood religion peculiar to our archetype.

God is the idea of what God is in your mind. Even in religion God is intrinsically mysterious, this allows people to sort of finely tune their idea of God to their liking or level of understanding.

If I were to say there was a god. It’d be a sort of imbedded consciousness all through the quantum fabric. This consciousness would decide how quantum probabilities actually collapse. In this view God has limits in what he can do. Which would explain why we don’t see miracles. He could shape the evolution of creatures. He could interface with the mind. He could do a lot of things. However on the macroscopic scale this God would largely be hidden in the background.

As for nature of this God and his intentions. That is hard to say. This(and lack of evidence) is why I reject the notion of God.

When I did see God. He was smiling and continuously trying to kill himself only to be reborn and return to his role as the backbone of existence.

That’s all delusional ■■■■■■■■ though.