My voices keep saying

My voices keep saying, “you made a fool out of me!”, and, "I’ll get you back!"They’ve been doing this for years and years now going on thirty. They have been trying to kill me all day today. They have been trying to kill me for going on thirty years. People say you need to get help. Where do you get help? The prescriber? The therapist? I’m sorry, I don’t see the sense in this. I’ve been on nearly every med there is. And I’ve talked to over 50 counselors and therapists for many thousands of hours. And I’ve been hospitalized 41 times. I no longer fear death.


Sounds like quite a struggle @Jinx . Are you okay?

No. My Alter ego tried to take over my conscious mind and I feel his anger. I don’t know why he’s angry, he keeps saying, “I would have been a great guy!”

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Do you have dissociative disorder? This is something I wrestle with from time to time. I’m not sure what I can do to help. Do you just need to talk it out Maybe?

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I haven’t struggled nearly as much as you, I won’t pretend. But I’ve seen the psychs, spend thousands of dollars, taking my meds like a good little boy,I’ve been hospitalized 14 times in two and a half years, and there are times I’m fed up.

But there’s no ■■■■■■■ way I’m giving up

Please know you’re not alone. I’m a bit worried about you bud

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Well your strong to deal with the voices over the years. So give yourself that credit


sorry to hear you going through that =/
I hope you manage to feel better at some point.

and yea it’s true… getting help is really hard if nothing works.

Really? That’s impressive


My voices keep saying “you have to die”

Are your parents still alive?

My parents are alive but I screamed at my mom over the phone. I was so crazy! I thought I was gone. I took a prn of zyprexa and I woke up fine. I’m taking it all the time now to supplement my Latuda. I had an apartment inspection and cleaned my place this morning. It turns out it wasn’t necessary but man am I glad to have done it! I worried about it for six months.

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It would be such a shame to kill yourself over things that aren’t real!

Don’t scream at your mom. I may be dead after my mother goes or else live a life full of insanity

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So you would kill yourself if it was real??

I don’t believe your who you say you are or that you’ve been in the hospital 41 times

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Just glad to hear your doing better

When a voice tells me to do something that is bad and I think it’s god, even if it is the still small voice, I just say, " no, you have to forgive me. " I don’t subscribe to the belief in an unforgivable sin. As for my authenticity, I’m sorry I don’t have your trust, I doubt some people on this site too, but if you continue to read my posts I think you’ll believe what I say is true.

If the things I imagine were real, yes, I would definitely kill myself, and I would not be guilty.

So then the majority of schizophrenics should kill themselves??

Oh no you wouldn’t feel guilty, eh you’d be dead?