My voices are getting trippy

I don’t know why but it seems like I am just being told a story all the time by the voices. The story used to be interesting sometimes. Now it is often traumatic. Do you have any advice?

Before you ask medication doesn’t work any more.

I don’t feel I’m being told a story,

But I wanted to ask,

Have you tried CBT?

If medication is not working for you,

It super works.

If you don’t want to go to a therapist,

Get a book on it.

Sorry you’re suffering like this.

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Doesn’t THC CBD have a negative effect on sz?

Also what do you feel like it is with your voices since you said it’s not a story?

Now they are telling me they are done with the story and I’m going to hell. I’m not talking about beliefs, but has anyone ever been told they are going to hell?

I could really use a response.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Nothing cannabis related at all.

My voices are different.

I hear a lot of the same thing.

But I also have a lot more conversational type voices.

Are you trying to take medication or completely off?

My voices talk to me and other voices. Sometimes I tell them to ■■■■.y

I had a voice as a boy and he has since turned mean. I feel he has a will of his own and maybe his own viewpoint or story of my life.

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