CBD and voices

I don’t think I can really tell you how well this works. My voices have started to pop in and out as get distracted from them. This was happening before the CBD. I got my bottle of CBD oil today and have taken a few doses. They say its 1 mg per every two squirts. Its a spray bottle that you are supposed to apply under the tongue. They say use twice daily. I’ve taken about 7 or 8 doses and I certainly feel different. Not high, but focused and care-free. I can still here my voices but they are quiet. As quiet as they were before I took the CBD. It definitely doesn’t have any negative or psychotic effects that I’m noticing. I’m going to be at this for a couple days or more so I’ll keep you posted. I really hope that after a decent amount of exposure to the stuff my voices are non existent. Those are pretty high hopes.


They say in high doses it is supposed to make you sleepy.

What is CBD?

Its a secondary chemical in marijuana and hemp. It is said to function as an antipsychotic. I think its working. I feel very calm relaxed and focused, perhaps a bit slow though.

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Hope the best for you. Tell me how it works out. Can’t find any of that in florida, and if I smoke weed I’ll turn into manchild Steve.

Marijuana and CBD are illegal where I am. Although I am already 47 years old, I have never even tried marijuana. Interestingly when I lived in my auto in America over two years I never saw it in the streets either.

That sounds very interesting and promising. I hope things get better for you in the long run, @BryanAshley.
Yes please keep us posted, I pesronally am looking forward to the day when CBD based drugs will be coming out on to the market

I was under the impression that to have antipsychotic efficacy, it had to be taken by the ■■■■ ton. Try taking 10 times as much as it says to treat whatever pussy problems normal people have. I bet it will work.

So far I haven’t really noticed a difference in using CBD or not. I’m probably still taking to low of a dose. My voices are popping in and fading out but its been like that for a few days.

I’m also curious about CBD. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!



I just drank the rest of the bottle. This stuff really doesnt work with low doses at 1 to 2 mg. Probably ingested about 60mg or so and my voices are quieter. It might just be a placebo effect. ■■■■ definitely wont get you high though. It’s safe in the regard.

So here I am with practically no voices. I can’t really tell if its the CBD or if I was just getting there on my own. Have to wait and see what tomorrow is like.

Voices are back somewhat. Maybe that is just how it is going to be. Voices when I go to bed and when I wake up. I believe the CBD did have some positive effects. Would love to take the ■■■■ daily, but I its to expensive for that to really be an option. Maybe down the road this stuff will be cheaper. I mean its just plant oil. Had a good experience with it.

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I hope you don’t mind me saying, but finding a way to cope with the voices without any thing would be a great thing to achieve.

I still have my seroquel and latuda. But having the voices fade and just get mellow is really nice. Of course the stronger we get, hopefully the weaker they get.

I’m a bit envious of how fast you seem to be getting a handle on this. But we all heal at our own rate.

Good luck and hope you feel stronger and better day by day. :thumbsup:

I still have my glitches as you would say. The hallucination of telepathy just seems so real at times, esp when I start hearing people saying things. What can I say I’ve always been introspective. If I can get over it schizophrenia would be a blessing in disguise. You’ve helped a lot good sir. Everyone on this forum has. Just knowing other people have it worse out there and some have recovered. I don’t know on the surface it is so complicated but when you get down to it you just have to take things one moment at a time. I’m still not where I want to be.

I got my oil too. I noticed the same effects like being not as reactive to the spooky stimulus like voices, environmental nuance stimuli which plays out like little imaginary movies around in my vision and background sound, also the endoenvronmental stimuli through my body. Usually these stimuli cause the sensation of an attention that is slammed into high gear which makes concentration difficult. An analogy of that would be like trying to play a sport or drive a car using muscular coordination, but there are electrical stimulus nodes attached to the muscles causing them to randomly jolt. The task of the sport or drive is very difficult like that as is the task of trying to focus on a task like talking to people, working, studying etc while the positive schiz stimuli jolt my attention back and forth constantly resetting my focus. The point is that so far the CBD has worked against that slamming effect on my attention.

It does make me feel different and a bit unmotivated. The different feeling is pleasant, and the lack of motivation I think is a matter of a gear change in that I’m used to “my gas pedal” being slammed down all of the time from schiz stimuli, and CBD throttles down that energy. I think I just have to recalibrate my day to day sense of my cues such as “oh I just feel like that, but I need to go ahead and get this or that done now not later” instead of taking the sensation seriously and seriously not getting busy doing what I need to do.

I watch a lot of news on TV, and I’m always trying to concentrate on what they are saying. I’m often experiencing the moving mouths, but I don’t know what they are saying, so I miss a lot of info. The CBD sort of peals away that strange kind of energy that keeps me from absorbing what is being said, and it seems like I sink further into depth of the subjects to derive a more thorough sense of the conversations on TV.

I also noticed that I had a better ability to speak with word nuances between words and without the social impediment of anxiety as I try to look a person sensibly in the eyes and listen to a person face to face.

CBD is an anxiety killer. That’s really all it is. Our anxiety stems from voices and junk, but if you aren’t reacting with as much anxiety to the voices and junk, then you can get into whatever you’re doing like reading, talking, etc. It seems like the less anxious I am, the less schiz junk I experience. Therefore the CBD effects are seemingly cyclic like the schiz stimuli are cyclic in that they cause anxiety which seemingly causes more schiz stimuli. I wonder if after a long period of time I could wind down the schiz stimuli by eliminating the anxiety with CBD.

I’m using the Cibdex CBD oil now, but I’m going to try the 25mg tablets, gum, and vapes to see if there are differences with different means of ingestion. I’m also going to share tablets with sick people on the streets around here to see how they feel about it. There are many sick folk around here that aren’t even aware they are sick let alone the rest of folks that are aware they are sick.

The CBD dosage I’m taking are in the low mg’s at a time. The GW Pharmaceuticals CBD pills will carry something like 5 grams of CBD each. That a thousand times more active ingredient. It’s possible that to wind this schizophrenia down I need the 5 gram hammers for a few months or better. At this stage it’s as if I’m only taking extremely low doses of antibiotics to remedy a sickness that requires full prescription antibiotics.

I don’t like how coffee goes with this CBD. I drink a lot of coffee, but this combination with the CBD makes me feel a little nauseous.

I’m not sure why my original thread about CBD was canned, but I thought the lack of notification as to why was too rude.

Besides that I noticed that the CBD oil by Cibdex is effective, but I do build up a tolerance to the few milligram doses. Therefore I think that the milligram dosage is too small to be worth the money. Also I think that my schiz condition has been reduced (not due to CBD) at least 1,000x over since it’s worst state while living on the streets doing things in delusions I will never repeat to anyone which was many years ago. What I mean to say is that I suspect that the small, milligram doses would be obsolete for me in my condition back then because it is minutely effective to me now with reduced symptoms. I could be wrong about this correlation in symptom levels and levels of dosage in that it may be possible that the more extreme the symptoms the more significant the effects of even small doses.

I think that starting at 1gram doses and going up from there is a good idea. I also think that I should share doses with friends around my home city now who are extremely schiz to see what their opinions is of different levels of dosage.

I am planning on ordering the HempVap product this week to try it out. Possibly CBD ingestion via lungs is more effect, but again this is at milligram doses and not gram doses. I plan on buying the tablets and/or gum for tests with higher doses because they are 25mg, but keep in mind that 1000mg = 1 gram. And this stuff is not cheap, but if it is effective, more supply needs to be put on the market to drop the price. More demand needs come from the market to cause more supply to come out.

One thing I keep in mind is that the product, CBD, is derived from the same plant as THC is, therefore it’s a highly controversial product, but IMO the controversy can be played to the advantage of it all in that THC is so popular because of the same reason it is controversial. All in all the popularity is good for one thing; driving the cost down…way down because the cannabis plant is famous. It’s also a lot more things that just medical and recreational drugs, so many people are pushing bills through state govt.s to allow industrial hemp growing and CBD cultivar MJ growing in their states. Anyway, as things move a long, there is a multi trillion dollar business world wide around one plant, but I just want cheap CBD…and of course a better economy.

Another thing I keep in mind is that all of the things that CBD is good for is a highly contested market stacked to the ceiling with big money in treatments and pharmaceutical drugs. It can be looked at two ways. There are trillions of dollars world wide spent on drugs and treatments that needs only billions of dollars to do the same thing better and healthier as in non-toxic, so that means that there is a huge amount of money for those that can make it for cheap, and there are huge losses for those that research and sell for the current high costs of their drugs and methodology. I suspect there will be a struggle here involved here before all is well.

At a rate of $250 a gram of CBD, I need to talk to the company about doing for free CBD, so I can test it. If it is effective, then I would start a fund to pay for it for homeless schizophrenics which would give them major publicity. They would become much more popular, and they would sell much more. Also I could help sell the product to stores everywhere. As a matter of fact, stores would already sell it legally if the stuff was not so expensive. In regards to being used as an Rx for the sick, insurances would easily foot the bill but ordinary people would never buy this stuff. Too expensive.

Lots of work to be done on this one.

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