Voices of a Demonic Nature

I recently quit using cannabis. This is giving me increased anxiety, stress with filling the gaps of my drug use. Not to mention, i have to be careful who I tell this to. I can’t tell my family because the are very disapproving of that or any drug use. If they found out, that would be really bad. They might put a restraining order on me. They would no longer support me. Even financially.

I think I found new insight into my voices. It’s like my mind invents these voices, as thoughts but they come across like audible voices, that come into my head to annoy and harass me. I can tell the difference between actual voices and these thought-sounds. It’s like having a peanut gallery in my head. Think of being harassed every second of every day. I have a little functional auditory hallucinations like from an engine running, or a fan turned on, or a faucet running.

How do I eliminate these demonic voices? Or at least reduce the hostility or frequency? They’re very dark, and usually have nothing nice to say. Any thoughts?



My voices were pretty antagonistic as well.

They did get better when my life situation changed and I wasn’t under so much stress.

It’s a good thing you can distinguish the voices from your own self-talk, and that you’ve discovered that your thoughts are basically inverted and morph into those voices.

Just take it easy, and do something nice for yourself every day.

And congrats on dropping the cannabis. It’s hard to do, but it’ll be worth it for sure.

Best of luck :sunny:


I quit cannabis recently too. I know it’s not too different. But I’ve been taking a cbd tincture. It’s really helped with not using cannabis. Does everything the cannabis did except getting me stoned


I have the same thing. I think they are called internal thought ‘voices’ I have had both audible real people’s voices and these thought ‘voices’. I can tell you the former is much worse. Would help to know what helps you rationalise it??


I also have internal voices,
which are way worse than external ones


Are yours constant all day?


Are your ‘internal voices’ like thoughts which are not your own or actual voices in inside your head?


Constant in my bad days.
They are as if remembering something
someone said to me.
It’s audible but through imagination


What are your external voices?


Sounds, my name being called,
bells, phone going off etc


Thanks for the support, guys. :blush:

I would say they are rationalized for me by the fact that no one else has a clue what’s going on as far as picking them up. They’re internal, like actual voices - thoughts, in my head. I’m a thinker naturally so I overthink easily. My rationale is under construction in this area I believe in that I don’t fully understand the source(s) or triggers (like real sounds - tap running, engine on, etc.) completely.

I’ve heard of demon slayers or paranormal investigators that claim they can rid people of demons like this. Would this be a decent idea at all? Or could it be too occult? Because that would scare me…


I think overthinking thinks can go hand in hand with psychosis

I had a hard time dealing with basically a “peanut gallery” like you said where they just comment and mock you, but mine are external. Its hard to deal with but Im not sure what to do about it sadly, can only offer support

Maybe a med change or increased dose may help?


I can understand you hearing auditory hallucinations when you hear a sound.

I’ve heard from people and have experienced myself that they think the voices are demons or demonic.

That could be a theme you’re hearing where it’s of a religious/spiritual nature.

I had that theme before I accepted I was schizophrenic.

Now my voices are in a different theme, and I no longer think I’m hearing demons or voices of a demonic nature.

As far as demon slayers or paranormal investigators, I tried involved local clergy or priests, but they instructed me to pray and see a confessor (talk to someone about my sins).

Hopefully the theme changes for you, but I wouldn’t involve any type of exorcism because they often harm you in one or you may die.


@Bond , what meds are you on if you don’t mind me asking?

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Abilify 40mg/day
Lithium 900mg/day
Lamotrigine 25mg/day
Levothyroxine 12.5mcg/day
Fish oil
Hydroxyzine prn


That’s a lot. But Abilify shouldnt be affected by stopping cannabis.

Maybe the increase in voices is related to that. Can you take something for anxiety like a supplement or a med?

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This is exactly what I call my two voices, the peanut gallery. Especially when I’m playing guitar, there’s a constant nattering and trying to distract me and ruin the experience for me.

I’ve kind of gotten used to it

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Pdoc upped my lamotrigine to 2 pills a day, then 3 after 2 weeks. And gave me a better hydroxyzine prescription…hopefully it helps. I can choose when to take my vistaril.

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I am on Lamotrigine, 400 mg a day for seizuring. Is this why you are on it?

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