My uncle reminded me

When I was a teen i went through some difficult times. My uncle Bobby introduced me to grunge and punk music. It was awesome! I got the anger out. You can’t really express anger with country music.

Here’s one of My favorite songs. It all can’t be angry


I love grunge! 155

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I was totally into grunge as a teenager…loved Pearl Jam…REM…NIRVANA.
Actually I still listen to that kinda music only with some Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin added :expressionless:

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I :two_hearts: love that music too.
Depending on what mood I’m in.
I only listen to music in my car mainly.i don’t really listen to music at home.
At the gym they play good music too.

How are you?

Have not seen you for a while.


I’ve been good, new med is working great. I’ve been trying to keep up on here but I’m always busy with my nieces and nephews

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