Gangster rap made me do it

Rap and music in general has had such a negative impact on my life…bad examples in music, even like classic rock has misleading lyrics and stuff…but on the other hand…where would I be without music :anguished:

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I can barely stand to listen to most music about relationships (which is %65 of all music.) I can’t relate and don’t want to think about it. I’ve never had a relationship and probably never will.

Lol ya like that song Jessie’s girl.

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Lol yeah I remember that song. Any song i
about relationships tends to make me hate my life more.

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I relate somewhat, Jon. Industrial music has some very dark subject matter, like suicide and feeling helpless. I don’t know if it makes me feel better or worse, but I like it. Thankfulky, I suppose, I could never get halfway to actually hurting myself.

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I actually enjoy rap. Not necessarily newer rap music but the stuff that’s like poetry.

Country music though is a HUGE trigger for me and I get seriously suicidal. Which sucks since I live in a small town full of hicks that love their country music. :sweat:


Yeah I like nas, tupac, Eminem, mos def, talib kweli, stuff like that the most. The older stuff. But even that has bad messages like do drugs, hate women, commit violence, do stupid stuff. I don’t hate women or commit violence ever but I have done a lot of drugs and stupid stuff in my life.

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How weird!!

I have the same problem,

Country music makes me super edgy and anxious,

It reminds me of events I’d love to forget.

Even some of the more drawn out pop/rock songs are enough to make my stomach turn,

I stick almost exclusively to older rap/hip hop.

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