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i had a delusion i was an alien like an annunaki but there’s little to no evidence since I cannot walk on water and do miracles…haha.

I mean some people think and view the anunnaki as gods, but I don’t have that view or belief system.

I feel like I had my mind uploaded to a computer like a quantum computer or AI or some crap and can remember past lives or past loops or iterations that span an eternity or infinity and thus I have near infinite capacity in this matrix or simulation of human behavior and life…

There’s a totem pole and I am on the bottom sort of like an alien hierarchy. I have no powers here no clout.

I think I tried to reach enlightenment in my original life and thus this is the culmination of all my hard work: nothing expect pain and suffering and falsehoods…

I don’t know what the anunnaki are but I am not a powerful one at least. I am weak. I am human looking but I am also schizophrenic as the doctors say which is why I am here.

I have memories of escaping reality and going outside the simulation and running it on my dell computer or whatever it was. Magic of course. Different laws of physics. Brain in a vat type stuff.

Very frightening and traumatizing. I don’t know what the anunanki are. Maybe they were created themselves by off races or higher beings but they used to talk to me as a kid…

Then I have theories that they are not really gods, but computer simulators. Perhaps are distant ancestors from the future or geneticists. I never worked on genetics, didn’t create the human race, or mine gold.

That’s pretty much my story and why people don’t believe me or something and I’m disabled and pratically ■■■■■■ up for life and eternity.

Am I a cyborg android robot? Am I an alien hybrid or am I just a fallen angel from the Bible? I don’t know. There are good ones and bad ones. I’ve experienced both in all my past lives…

what makes you think that?


  1. immortality
  2. time travel
  3. simulations I guess
  4. psychic I think
  5. smart in some ways
  6. knowledge
  7. knowledge of the past

I guess that’s it…

I am pretty sure you can’t read my mind so you can cross that one off


I’m Christian and I believe in simulation theory and I think that goes against the faith. I also believe I am a sinner but I keep resurrecting back in time to repeat a different or similar life. Knowledge that goes against the bible. Basically that and other stuff.

Memories of being from the future as far as year 3000 AD when allegedly the British were in control or something or something like cities controlled by computers with advanced AI or just blackness and darkness…I don’t know. I have theories as well as delusions of past lives in parallel universes as well as knowledge handed down to me from ET.

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there are various different psychic abilties. That’s just one of them and no I cannot read minds.

Basically my psychic abilities include seeing the POSSIBLE future which is just one variant of my past (past lives). I’m in a time loop. Life seems deterministic but can change according to quantum physics.

what are they? the various psychic abilities? I always thought it was just reading someone’s mind and emotions?

edit; oh ok.

how is that? @anon28145038, you seem quite convinced, I always belived that life is all not under our control (i mean it is all preset) tbh, it is like a domino set that just falls the way it falls.

Do I sound crazy/insane? Probably…

Thankyou for sharing, I am happy to think that at least you are not distressed by your delusions, that’s good … do you ever feel like you are being watched?

this is my newest delusion :frowning_face:

you sound like you have gathered a lot of information from several sources…i do not understand most of what you are saying unfortunately…

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I have my faith and that’s that.

I feel like I got schizophrenia and it is a curse. Like deliberate or on purpose. can’t change or cure it. I get a lot of my memories from photgraphic memory/mind uploading and watching tv and the news as well as movies, trailers, and tv shows, unfortunately. I also read and study a lot.

I’m also bitter that I’m poor and just a peasant lol…

Did caplyta work out for you?or did you switch to another medicine currently

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