Are You an Alien?

In a past life, I was an alien. I always looked human. Maybe an Anunnaki? In a past life, I looked into a mirror once, and I looked reptilian. It looked like a hologram.

You are not now, nor have you ever been, an alien. These are classic delusions. Sometimes hallucinations make them seem real, but I promise they’re not.


Fair, but it’s real. Not everything I say is a delusion.

Why do you think it’s real?

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I have my memories.

Are you sure they’re not false memories? I’ve remembered plenty of things that weren’t as they seemed. I’ve seen, heard, smelled, felt, plenty of things that weren’t there. I have all those memories. That doesn’t make them true to reality.

Feeling you’re an alien is a delusion.


Thank you for responding. I’m not an alien anymore.

I have an illness. I accept treatment for it. That’s all.


Lol I’m totally convinced you believe that.

But, this is a forum for recovery, not to perpetuate delusional beliefs.

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I’m trying to recover. I don’t like keeping it all in all the time. I’m tormented by my thoughts.


@velociraptor are you back??? I certainly hope so…I have missed you my friend.

Yeah. I feel like an alien. I first thought I was from a different planet when I was quite young, before 10.

I’ve always had this terrible feeling of being homesick, no matter where I am.

I also remember lots of things about my past lives. From this planet and others.

However. I am mentally ill. So chances are I’m not really an alien. I really like the idea though. It’s weird for me to think I’m human. I don’t relate.

“Fuckk a normal life, that’s lame, me I’m insane in the brain
They laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re all the same
I am a alien
No matter how hard I try I don’t fit in
Always all on my own, sad and lonely”

(Yolandi is my greatest love. Even if this is one of my less liked songs by die antwoord, I still really relate to the lyrics)


Hello, I know your feeling. I have some similar experiences. I’m interested to hear more about your experience.
What other memories of the alien past life do you have?

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