My temper tantrums are showing

As I age, my skin shows every little bump. When I throw things in the washer and dryer I’m always bumping my arms on the rims. This shows up as blotches on my arms were a blood vessel has broken. So, every time I lose patience and bump into something, the reminder is there for a couple of days. That’ll teach me.

It’s fun the way you phrased all that, but really it’s depressing to me how I’m getting old and stuff really leaves more of a mark now lol.

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@dothash, growing old is the biggest challenge of growing old.

It’s tough too because without making this about me, I care too much about my appearance so it sucks that it’s deteriorating as I age.
But I guess really there’s a lot to be said about scars or wrinkles adding a lot of character to a person.

Don’t apologize for making your post “about me” because we’re here for each other and sharing ourselves is giving. Lot’s of times I read us and think - yes, that is just how I felt, too. and that helps a lot.

Yeah that’s good, really in general this thread has made me feel quite good, even if it was about something that’s a bit of a bother to you.

Well, if I’d put more heart into my chores, I wouldn’t have the temper. So, I mean to work on it.

If it’s any consolation you’ve made me remember to get my washing out of the dryer lol.

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