My sz friends

I was suspended for a while, which made me to realize that I do not need to be writing here at all, it was a hobby of mine to share my own thoughts with you, my friends, but the Internet is the big place and I can find many places where I can continue sharing my thoughts, thinking and experiences. So goodbye now all my friends, it was nice to share things with you.

Well, take care and have a good one.

You will be missed.

I’ll miss you too. I hope all goes well.

I hate to say goodbye. Come back anytime when u feel like to!

Well I ain’t driving you out. I hope. Come back and visit!

Bye. I hope you come and visit some time. I wish you a peaceful and happy new year.

Because so many people from wrote back to me according to my Zimbra-application that is tracking multiple accounts of mine around the world, I had to arrive back to tell that since this morning I have already posted many messages in many discussion groups around the world and that I wanted to reveal my family tree that can be traced much before the foundation of the U.S.A. Cheers you all.

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