Haven't logged in here in a while

How is everybody doing?

I’m doing alright I guess. Had a decent Christmas and took a much needed break from the internet aside from looking up stuff on the elderscrolls wiki and such. I really did need a break from all the rampant posting here and elsewhere on this net of ours. Was feeling like quite the idiot after posting on here while under the influence of who knows what…the demon molecule? Heh…could be let me tell you.

So…things have changed somewhat in my point of view and course of action so I won’t be on here much if at all. Guess I’ll check in every so not so often. Not doing the mental health thing anymore…not saying you shouldn’t, just saying I’m not for reasons I won’t drag out on here as this isn’t the friendliest forum when it comes to alternative points of view.

But I’ll try to stop by now and then.

Doing well here and hope all is well among this crowd.




Glad to hear from you, mussel.

Yes, the Internet is just part of our lives, and it is not what our lives are about.

Good for you. The change of viewpoint and switching of job industry. :+1:

Happy to hear an update!

You know, I don’t seem to have the things that people think of when they think of schizophrenia. I do have lots of anxiety and depression, however, and I don’t sleep like a normie. Also, criticism sticks with me a long time.


Glad your OK. Glad you checked in.

I still hope your working on the clubhouse

It’s nice to hear from you.

wb mussel wondered where youd got too merry Christmas to you.