My supplement combination - good succes!


I want to share my experience with my supplements.

Sarcosine improves my reading speed or in other words how fast my brain can process informations after the 4th day. It doubles my speed. I take 2 gramm but 4 doesnt bring more benefit.

Acetylcystein improves my alertness dramatically. I have ADD and took for a longer time
Ritalin, Dexamfetamin and Guanfacin so I have a good opportunity to compare it to those medicaments. And I can say its better than all of them! I take 2,4gramm per day.

1000 Omega 3 fish oil.(400 EPA+ 300 DHA) I take it till a month and i cant see any benefit.

My last supplement is 240mg Ginkgo. I take it till 7 seven days but I cant see any improvement till now. On the other hand is my information that it need 6 till 8 weeks to start to work.

First I was very sceptical about supplements but i can only encourage all people who suffer from schizophrenia to try supplements especially sarcosine and nac.


NAC gave me bad stomach gas but everyone’s different.

Did you tried the powder, the effervescent tablet or the capsules. I take the capsules and they should be better for the stomach.

I’m planning on trying sarcosine. I need that extra brain power to manage my crypto currency investments that Il be doing super soon!

I took the capsules when I tried it.

Cryptos!! Do u have a coinbase account and etherwallet? I am new to cryptos.

I have a Coinbase account and a bitconnect dot co account as well were Il be making about 30% interest rate a month from it :slight_smile: