My son's birthday is coming up, a lot of mixed feelings, again

He and his daddies are living abroad this year and they won’t be able to make it to the states to see us.

That makes me sad.

But it’s also just a big reminder of the struggle I have with his adoption.

I know I made the right decision, I have no doubts about that.

I think it’s just normal to wonder what could have been.

He’s also getting older and asking a lot more questions.

He’s getting closer to the age where he’ll be asking the super tough ones.

It’s just a rough time for me.

I’m making him a nice birthday present and that makes me feel good.

I wish there were more resources for birthmothers.


Just wanted you to know I’m listening. His birthday is a special day and it’s hard you won’t be with him to share it. I can see why that’s tough. What are you making him? Focus on that since it makes you feel good.

Big hugs to you, friend.

You will always be his mommy. He will ask questions and you will be there to answer them. I’m so glad you can still be a part of his life. I’m sure he will treasure your birthday present!

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