My son is going to get candy

He heard of my plan to give out apples to trick-or-treaters and decided to go get candy for them instead. How sweet. He’s also getting extra for me to have some, and a pepsi for me too. Maybe I’ll get to see some kids in costumes tonight after all. Depends on Covid I think.


Have fun @Leaf 15


I’m hoping that parents will not allow their kids to go trick-or-treating this year since it’s not safe due to the pandemic. I will have the front porch lights turned off for the first time ever this Halloween.


Yeah lights out for me too.


My wife broke down and turned them on, got a bowl of candy ready. No kids yet, thankfully.

I had one group. The neighbors kids. They have 8 of them. We have two big windows on each side of our front door. You can see right in the dining room and living room and can tell we are home.

I got your back.



I think the only kids we will get is my friends kids. They like to go through the apartments where they feel safe. Usually we don’t get kids from outside the complex.

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I just left a bowl of candy on my front porch for the kids I don’t want to have contact because of covid

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We turned off our porch light for the first time ever. Our oldest boys planned a Halloween party with activities for the little girls. They got plenty of candy and dressed up. They seemed to have fun.


It’s just now getting dark, so far no knocks. I don’t think anyone will let their kids go.

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