My sisters

I’m no stranger to suicidal thoughts. I’ve been severely depressed and schizophrenic since I was 18, and life just won’t stop beating me down. My fiancée left me for another man about two weeks ago and it’s still eating at my mind. I don’t want to go, but like I said, I’m no stranger. I think of my sisters and that usually keeps me from spiraling down any further than I’ve already plummeted. They’re innocent and really smart. They have a future and past that is nothing like mine, and for that I am grateful. I think of them and the pain seems to gradually decline. It’s nice. Well that’s about it, those are my thoughts.


That’s a rough break. But they probably did you a favour. Can you imagine being married to someone like that?

It’ll get easier as time passes. Get support from whomever you can. Family, friends and medical folk.

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you have to stay. try to think of anything that will stop you from doing this

I’ve lost a sister and the best friend i have ever had